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Smart farmers are making the switch to flame weeders.
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Get Weeds Under Control Like Never Before

The Weed Wand is a single burner tool designed to suit the backyard hobbyist
through to the small-scale grower. Designed to be manoeuvrable and lightweight yet
very powerful.

5 Burner Manifold
Maximum Coverage

Our manifold is designed for the serious grower who wants options. Comprising of five stainless burner heads that cover a 30 inch bed in a single pass.

The manifold has the ability to be daisy chained with more manifolds to cover a greater area. 

A stainless shroud designed to reduce gas use, wind exposure and maximise heat is a useful optional addition.

Our Flame Weeders

Choose the Flame Weeder that Meets Your Needs Best… 

Aussie Flame Weeders

Flame Weeder Manifold

Like customisation? Try the manifold. It allows for ingenuity to suit different farming set ups and can be daisy-chained together to allow great coverage.

Aussie Flame Weeders

Weed Wand

The Weed Wand is a single burner tool designed to suit smaller scale growers. Designed to be maneuverable and lightweight yet powerful.

Happy Customers

“We trialed it with six different operators with 30 30 inch beds that were 30 metres long – almost a kilometre of bed prep done over an afternoon. The flame weeder pays for itself in one growing season given the time savings – and we actually have three growing seasons per year – great Australian made tool”


“I can confidently say that it is the most powerful, adaptable and easy to use Flame Weeder on the Aussie market. It has decreased my labour costs and increased my efficiency 10-fold as now I have the ability to grow crops I recently couldn’t because of how quick and efficiently I can flame weed a growing bed.”