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Aussie Flame Weeders


In order to simplify growing organically for market, Aussie Flame Weeders, following the Kaizen principle of "continuous improvement and efficiency", researched best practice and started looking around for the best Australian tools to increase productivity efficiently.

The Flame Weeder while available in Australia has been found by practising market farmers to be effective but inefficient in time and energy losses and so after discussion with these growers Aussie Flame Weeders decided to develop a Flame Weeder that maximised efficiency while minimising waste in a tool that is practical, robust and ergonomic.

We believe that although there are many variables a farmer can’t control, there are some things that can be done to improve chances of success. This includes having the right tool for the job.

Aussie Flame Weeders understands that farming, particularly growing vegetables, is hard work and that the nature of the profession means problems often arise that are outside of a farmers control. Inclement weather, insect pressure, damaged crops, broken machinery and broken farmers, just to name a few.


  • Designed and manufactured right here in Australia – Killarney, Victoria to be precise - local business supporting the needs of Australian farmers

  • Made from rust resistant 304 stainless steel, built to last in Australian conditions

  • Designed to suit the standard market garden bed width of 80cm (30inch)

  • Custom five torch adjustable manifold designed to provide maximum heat and coverage across the entire width of the bed in a single pass. No more hand cramps from waving a single wand burner, just fire it up and burn the bed in a single pass

  • High quality stainless steel torch heads able to be removed and cleaned of debris as required, or replaced if necessary. Ability to change torch head sizes for greater customisation if required.

  • Light weight yet with a durable design suited to the needs of a market gardener

  • Comes with 16-inch diameter puncture resistant pneumatic tyres. These 4.5-inch wide pneumatic tyres allow for greater grip and weight distribution which provides a more ergonomic feel

  • Ergonomic design to fit and carry a standard 9kg propane bottle, to reduce the need for refills whilst getting the bottle off the farmers back

  • Comes with all fittings required to fit a standard Australian propane bottle

  • Comes with a flint lighter to make lighting your Aussie Flame Weeder safe and efficient

  • Timely shipping

Backed by our 365-day 100% money back Red Hot Guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with our product

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Aussie Flame Weeder – Five Torch Manifold– RRP $737

Aussie Flame Weeder – Five Torch Model – RRP $1480

Support innovation in small scale farming within Australia and order yourself an Aussie Flame Weeder today.

We have worked hard to take out the guess work for you so that you have the right tool for the job and focus on what you’re good at, growing vegetables 

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Welcome to Aussie Flame Weeders. We are working very hard to have our flame weeders available for you soon via this website which is under construction. 

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