Aussie Flame Weeders

Incinerator Mini

By far the most satisfying way of weeding.

Incinerator Mini

The all new Incinerator Mini is the first of our new series of flame weeders to be released. It packs twice the punch of any of our competitors weeders and for only half the price! How do we do that? With latest cutting edge technology and state of the art design, we have been able to do away with most the machined parts, and instead use laser accuracy in manufacturing.

Our Incinerator Mini will weed out almost anything in record speeds with a 750mm coverage with 1 pass it will make weeding a pleasure.

We have also incorporated our economiser trigger so your flame goes back to idle when not in use, and when you are ready to go again, push the trigger and she’s full boar!

As per usual we make this beast of a flame weeder in house so you know when you purchase our flame weeder you are supporting a Aussie family!

Hand-Made Locally With Care in Queensland, Australia

Our passion to provide local farmers with helpful tools shines through in the production quality and design of our flagship unit.

Included in this pack is:

1x Incinerator mini
1x Igniter
1x 4m hose
1x gas bottle adaptor


Made from rust resistant 304 stainless steel, built to last in Australian conditions.

Standard Tanks

Designed to work with any standard LPG bottle

Lighter Included

Comes with a flint lighter to make lighting your Weed Wand safe and simple.

Economiser Trigger

Save gas while you are not using the weeder

A Joy to Use

Lightweight yet durable – perfectly suited to the needs of the backyard grower