Aussie Flame Weeders

Flame Weeder manifold

Our full unit flame weeder uses five burners to cover a 30 inch bed in a single pass (Currently unavailable)

Weed Entire Beds in a Single Pass

Our Flame Weeder Manifold is designed to weed a 30-inch bed in a single pass. Designed with maximum versatility in mind our manifolds have the ability to be daisy chained together to increase coverage width.

Multiple mounting locations and the ability to add the stainless shroud make this the most versatile flame weeder on the market.

Please note this product for sale consists of the five burner 30 inch manifold only. It contains 5 burners and all the necessary gas equipment. Wheels, bottle trolley and handle are not included.

Hand-Made Locally With Care in Victoria, Australia

Our passion to provide growers with helpful tools shines through in the production quality and design of our manifold.


Made from rust resistant 304 stainless steel, built to last in Australian conditions.

Full Coverage

Five torch adjustable manifold designed to provide maximum heat and coverage.


Need small or larger heads to fine-tune your flame weeder? It’s all possible.

Standard Tanks

Equipped with regulators to suit a standard LPG bottle


Optionality to add the stainless shroud which reduces gas use, wind exposure and improves efficiency

One-Pass Efficiency

Designed to suit the standard market garden bed width of 80cm (30inch).

Easy to Maintain

High quality stainless steel torch heads are easy to clean, remove, and replace if necessary.

A Joy to Use

Lightweight yet durable – perfectly suited to the needs of a market gardener.

Lighter Included

Comes with a flint lighter to make lighting your Aussie Flame Weeder safe and simple.