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Making Your Farming
Life Easier

Aussie Flame Weeders understands that farming, particularly growing vegetables, is hard work and that the nature of the profession means problems often arise that are outside of a farmers control. Inclement weather, insect pressure, damaged crops, broken machinery and broken farmers, just to name a few.

We believe that although there are many variables a farmer can’t control, there are some things that can be done to improve chances of success. This includes having the right tool for the job.

With modular design in mind, we provide flame weeder options to suit all growers from backyard hobbyists to professional market gardeners.

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Every Aussie Flame Weeders purchase is protected by a 30-day return period and our red hot 365-day repair & replacement warranty. Purchase with the peace of mind knowing that you’re fully protected.

Our Flame Weeders

Choose the Flame Weeder that Meets Your Needs Best… 

Aussie Flame Weeders

Flame Weeder Manifold

Like customisation? Try the manifold. It allows for ingenuity to suit different farming set ups and can be daisy-chained together to allow great coverage.

Aussie Flame Weeders

Weed Wand

The Weed Wand is a single burner tool designed to suit smaller scale growers. Designed to be maneuverable and lightweight yet powerful.

Happy Customers

“I liked that you could purchase a manifold separately. We bought two and daisy chained them together. The customer service was great, a good quality tool and works well in our system as a labour-saving tool. Previously we used hand held weed dragons but with the new setup I estimate the labour costs to be 1/3 of original.”


I liked the efficiency – covering more ground with less effort. I liked that is has five burners with adjustable arms and tilt of flamers. Conservatively is has reduced my flame weeding time by 50%. The customer service has been excellent and Mick has been always readily available to answer any questions.”



Satisfaction Guaranteed

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