Aussie Flame Weeders

Weed wand

Get weeds under control like never before.

Get weeds under control like never before.

The Weed Wand is a single burner tool designed to suit the backyard hobbyist
through to the small-scale grower. Designed to be manoeuvrable and lightweight yet
very powerful.

Hand-Made Locally With Care in Queensland, Australia

Our passion to provide local farmers with helpful tools shines through in the production quality and design of our flagship unit.


Made from rust resistant 304 stainless steel, built to last in Australian conditions.

Expansion Burner

Unique expansion burner head which preheats the gas prior to igniting; increasing heat and efficiency


Need small or larger heads to fine-tune your flame weeder? It’s all possible.

Standard Tanks

Designed to work with any standard LPG bottle

Ergonomic Handle

Gooseneck handle which improves comfort when operating

High Powered

Generating 500,000 BTU per hour, the highest power flame weeder on the market

A Joy to Use

Lightweight yet durable – perfectly suited to the needs of the backyard grower

Lighter Included

Comes with a flint lighter to make lighting your Weed Wand safe and simple.